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Shiyas Kodanayyath


Shiyas kodanayyath is a VFX and motion graphics artist who specializes in creating stunning visual effects for education, corporate and commercials. With years of experience in the field, Shiyas has honed the skills to perfection and has worked on a vast array of projects, ranging from small independent projects to big-budget corporate projects. His expertise lies in creating jaw-dropping visual effects that leave audiences in awe. This website serves as a platform to showcase Shiyas kodanayyath's skills and achievements.

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Naked eye motion pictures

I gained valuable experience and knowledge in various aspects of filmmaking. I had the opportunity to be involved in producing a wide range of content, including short films, advertisements, events, podcasts, and YouTube shows. It was a fulfilling and transformative experience that allowed me to develop my skills and passion for the world of visual storytelling.


Owl'e Animations


At Owl'e Animation, I delved deeply into the realm of motion graphics through engaging e-learning projects. This experience provided me with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of motion graphics.

Throughout my tenure, I remained dedicated and diligent, which ultimately proved to be beneficial for my career growth. My sincere and hardworking attitude contributed significantly to my professional development.

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4 media studio

Amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, I was fortunate to receive freelance projects from 4 media, focusing on banking and insurance clients. This opportunity allowed me to hone my skills in team management and time organization while working on these projects.

Squadra media


While at Squadra Media, I deeply immersed myself in 2D character rigging and animation. Throughout this period, I gained extensive knowledge about the character animation video pipeline and the intricacies of the storyboarding process. It was a valuable experience that significantly enhanced my skills in these areas.

Pepper square software ltd.


At Pepper Square, I had the opportunity to collaborate with global clients. This experience not only enriched my skills in video production but also provided valuable insights into entrepreneurship and served as a great source of inspiration. Working with diverse clients from around the world allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, and I cherish the invaluable lessons I learned during this time.

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